Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Our story thus far . . .

Here is TiaGD as it stands right now.
  1. Today is a Good day.
  2. Tell a friend
  3. A smile is a sign of a good day
  4. The best day ever
  5. Good days are made of small happinesses
  6. Mondays aren't all bad all the time.
  7. Now is a good time to make today a good day
  8. Counting the days
  9. Who are the people in your neighborhood?
  10. Life's little hassles
  11. Having a good day and making a good day
  12. Love the ones you're with
  13. Death and good days
  14. You gotta have faith
  15. Being thankful for good day contributors
  16. Now is the moment
  17. A Good Day Emergency kit
  18. Resolve to have a good day (and other things too)
  19. The Jedi don't know everything . .but they know a lot.
  20. Listen for the good days.
  21. To Dream the Impossible Dream.
  22. Reach out and touch someone
  23. One [whatever] at a time
  24. The lives of kids are made of Good Day stuff
  25. What do you live for?
  26. Let's get funky!
  27. Save game!
  28. Fear is the mind killer
  29. Being touchy can be a good thing
  30. When life give you lemons . . .
  31. You are what you eat
  32. Being a part of something good is great
  33. A list of good things at 9:30 in the morning
  34. Good deeds are not just for Boy Scouts and Superman
  35. What may seem ordinary may not be.
  36. Live life to the fullest
  37. Working for the money?
  38. Make yourself smile
  39. Go out and see the World
  40. Yawwwn.
  41. Pre-catastrophic priority evaluation
  42. "I scream, you scream"
  43. Change how you think.
  44. Special people make for special days.
  45. Just do it!
  46. Dirt. Grass. Sky.
  47. Can you be "whelmed"?
  48. LOL. Really? Really!
  49. Water. Electricity.
  50. Reward yourself.
  51. Who are you?
  52. Nothing lasts
  53. Don't delay the happy.
  54. Rituals help.
  55. Start Something New
  56. Light
  57. Special needs
  58. Are you looking?
  59. Holding on.
  60. It's all about perspective
  61. Compare and Contrast
  62. If you can't say anything nice . . .