Monday, November 27, 2017

Your purpose

How do you spend your day?  Are you a student, a worker, or a caretaker?

Is what you did part of your purpose or is it a means to your purpose?

Are you a student because you want to learn something or because you have to be?  Are you a worker because you love your work or because it pays the bills?  Are you a caretaker because you love taking care of people or because it's your lot in life?

Any of those things can be the means towards a purpose or, they can be the purpose itself.  Finding, knowing, and moving towards your purpose is key to making today a good day.

Detailed purpose can sometimes be hard to identify though; it can be hard to accomplish in the short term. Broad purposes can be a great start though.

"My purpose is to make the world better."
"My purpose is to be happy."
"My purpose is to make others happy."
"My purpose is to take care of my loved ones."
"My purpose is to help animals."
"My purpose is to make art."
"My purpose is to be a better parent than mine were."
"My purpose is to be the best partner I can be."
"My purpose is to make the best pizza ever"
"My purpose is to get through today/this week/etc."

Whatever your purpose is, keep it in your mind.  Don't just keep it in the back of your mind either; try to keep it central to what you do and who you are throughout your day

Ask yourself each night, "Did I fulfill or work towards my purpose today?"