Monday, December 4, 2017

Today could be the last ______

Today could be the last sunny day of the year.
That spark on your walk could be the last firefly of the summer.
A magical kiss might be the last kiss with the person you thought was the one.
The sack might be the last school lunch you make for you child.
Today could be the last [whatever] for the day, season, year, or your life.
Last things happen.

You don't need to just be sad about "lasts" though.  It's important to be aware that the big and small events that make up our days are fragile and fleeting and worth being aware of or even cherishing.

Try to make the effort to notice the things that bring you joy, small and large.  Hold them in your heart and in your mind for when they are not there.  Tell people about your joys, share the tiny gifts you encounter that make your life better so they might notice them more in their own lives.

The older you are, the fewer new things you might experience.  You know however, that things end.  Things end all the time.  Someday, even you will end and your friends and loved ones will look back on their "lasts" with you.  Today is a good day to make sure that the lasts are noticed and not ignored.

Today could be your last today.  Strive to make it memorable.