Thursday, November 9, 2017

Special days

Imagine for a moment, the dreariest Tuesday you can; imagine it's overcast and chilly and there is a good chance of a cold rain turning to sleet.

What might make that day good?  What might make it special?

The fact is that there are many special days throughout our lives; good days that are good or special by design that can turn that Tuesday around.

That Tuesday might be your birthday!  Birthdays are special because (unless you are a twin) they are just for you.  Your very existence is celebrated.  The day is special because of you!

Tuesday might be a Holiday! Holidays are special for the opposite reason from birthdays: they are special because they are shared.  Friends and family (and neighborhoods and countries and faiths) come together to celebrate shared experiences and make new ones.

Relational holidays are almost a hybrid.  On Father's Day and Mother's Day and the like, we celebrate the individuals within a group.  You are part of something special and we know it!

What if that Tuesday is a Leap day?  One day, every four years, that is extra!  What an opportunity to make a tradition!  And if your birthday is on Leap day?  Magic!

Here's a surprise though . . . any day and every day can be special.

Try this exercise: When you are done interacting with someone don't tell them to "Have a good one," or "See ya later," or something similar.  Instead, wish them a "Happy Tuesday," or tell them "Have a very merry Tuesday."  See if that doesn't make their day a little bit better.  See if it makes them smile.

Pay attention to yourself too.  Is your Tuesday happier or merrier?  Is it more special? 
Is today a more special (good) day?