Sunday, August 7, 2011

What may seem ordinary may not be.

Words are interesting things.  It seems that sometimes a word is used so often that we forget what it means.  Life van be that way too, making it harder to make today a good day.

"Extraordinary" is a good example.  If you break it apart you get "extra ordinary".  It's more than the usual, it's special.  The thing is though, that when you pay attention, what may seem ordinary really isn't.  It's more.  It's extraordinary.

Have you ever grown anything?  One day you have a seed, then you have a sprout, then you have a plant, then you have a fruit; finally you have a snack.  Magic.  Extraordinary.

Or perhaps you've watched a baby grow?  I love watching pregnant women and I love watching newborns.  I find it amazing that at first they can't even hold their heads up by themselves but soon they're crawling around putting everything they can find into their mouths.  Fantastic.  Again, extraordinary.

Your mission (should you accept it) is to find the extraordinary in the ordinary.  To look past what may seem hum-drum and see  the marvelous.  Your goal should be to become enthusiastic (root meaning: having God within)  about something and tell someone about it. 

Go out and make today a good day!

[Speaking of babies . .  is it any wonder that re-creation (making babies) and recreation (playing a game) are very much the same?]