Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Your time is short, your time is long

Time is short.
How long is a day?
How long is a decade?
How long is your life?

Your time is short.  It's passing by so quickly.  You look back and what seemed like a moment ago is the distant past. Babies are now children or even adults.  I'm not asking you to make each and every moment count but I am asking you to look at what you are doing and make sure it's how you are choosing to spend your time.  Make sure it's not passing you by.

Time is long.
How long is it when you are waiting to see a loved one?
How long is it during that last hour of school or work?
How long is it when you are doing something you love to do?

Your time is long.  It is so filled with hope, and joy, and love.  It's not only your time either.  You share it with the people you are with.  You have time to make the world a better place.  You can focus on HUGE things or keep it small, but you have your entire life before you to make something wonderful.

Time is funny because it is constant externally but is so imbued with feelings that it becomes flexible for each of us.  The events that make today a good day can be fleeing or near forever . . . it's up to us.

What do you expect?

I never wanted to be rich or famous.  I never hoped for any of that.  I never expected it either.  I'm not upset because I'm not rich or famous either.  Not wanting all that and not being all that makes for good days.

There are people that live unhappy lives because they want more and don't have it.  Perhaps they expected that their house would be nicer than their parent's house or their kids would be trouble-free and, when the house needs paint and the kids need a tutor (or a lawyer), it's not a good day.

It's not wrong to HOPE for a better life or better things.  Sometimes hope is all we have to keep us going.  It's also not wrong to EXPECT a better life or what-have-you.  It becomes difficult though, when you are not working to fulfill those expectations; when you are expecting them to happen for you.

The thing is, we can't let hopes and expectations overwhelm our reality.  We can't live our lives disappointed because our hopes and expectations are never met.  We need, sometimes, to accept what we have and what we are willing to work for and realize that those things are good enough. . .  and often pretty good.

We don't need to give up on our hopes and expectations.  We just need to put them in context and do what we can to make them a reality.

Document the good days

For longer than I can remember girls and women have been telling me things that happened or things that I said or did.  They have dates and days and sometimes times.  I'm challenged though because I don't seem to recollect as well as every woman I have ever known.  I don't always clearly recall those things I said or did and I don't remember the "when" of the matter.  As there is no permanent record though, I must trust the information they give.  However, I wonder a bit.  Could all these women be part of a conspiracy where they make up events with specific times and dates to lend credibility for things that never happened?

The answer, of course, is for me to document things.  I should be recording everything and keeping a diary to index all the recordings.  Then, when confronted with something I said or did, I can verify.

That's a bit extreme.  It's borderline crazy really.

Having said that, it's good to document the good things and the good days. Writing something down can be magical.  It can make something more permanent than it was before.  Writing something down requires a person to take a bit of time and think about it a bit longer than they might.

Whether you use Facebook, or a diary, or some other thing, looking back on what you've documented can give you a fresh perspective on today or a boost of happiness when you need it.  It can show how you've grown and improved.

In my house we say, "If it's not written down, it didn't happen." and good days are worth documenting so we know they did happen.