Thursday, July 21, 2011

Let's get funky!

Funk is a great word.  I like the way it sounds.  In my head, it often sounds like Samuel Jackson is saying it.

I typically use it to describe a style of music.  Funk a blend of jazz and soul and R&B with a strong base line.  Think of the theme from Shaft by Isaac Hayes.  Yeah,  Get down with your bad self for a second. That is the good kind of funk. It lifts you up and can make today a good day.

Then . . there's another kind of funk.  The funk that indicates a state of depression.  That's the funk we want to avoid.  Getting into a funk can happen anywhere to anyone and be caused by almost any thing.  Once you are in a funk, getting out takes effort.

The thing is, that people that practice having a good day are less likely to get into a funk and have a set of tools that will help them get out.  When you have a good day routine, you have a built-in life preserver.

Listening to something funky (or almost any kind of music) can help get me out of a funk.  What you use might be totally different but now is a good time to figure out what that thing is.

[Full disclaimer: Something can also *smell* funky . . and that can cause your day not to be AS good but some Stevie Wonder should be able to fix you right up.]