Thursday, July 28, 2011

You are what you eat

Food is amazing.  I love food.  The right food can make today a good day.

I'm a sucker for spicy-hot food.  Chocolate should be its own food group.  I think pizza is nature's most perfect food.  I don't think an unreasonable rule would be that peanut-butter or cheese should be served as part every meal.  Birthday cake.  Birthday cake, no matter the flavor, has got to be one of the greatest things ever.

Having food you love (not "good-for-you-food" or even "good food") should be a part of making every day better.  Make sure you are going out to that dive or that fancy-shmancy place now and again.

Perhaps, if your favorite food is turtle cheesecake or poutain, then it shouldn't be an every-day thing . . but it should be in regular rotation.

Having said all that; eating "good-for-you-food" *is* good food and will make you feel better.  Fresh food beats processed.  Home-cooked beats going out.

Lastly, doughnuts or cupcakes or what-have-you will likely make everyone's day better.  Think about it.