Friday, July 29, 2011

Being a part of something good is great

Being alone can be very peaceful.  It can be healthy.  It can make a day better.  More powerful though, it being a part of something . . . anything.

I've met a few recluses in my time; people that might have been called hermits if they weren't smack in the middle of a suburb; people that keep to themselves  more than most.
As I am a gregarious person, I've made efforts to engage these folks in conversation.  Sadly, I've concluded that, while they have some days that are better than others, they have fewer good days than they'd like to have.

Being a part of something makes most people feel better.  Being part of something good can make you feel great.

Take a moment to think of all the things you belong to.  It might be work or school.  You might belong to a church or a club.  It might be a neighborhood or an apartment complex.  Do you volunteer somewhere?  Do you play a sport?  Do you spend time with other people doing something together?

It doesn't always matter what group you are with to make today  a good day.  The thing that can transform belonging to a group into something "more" is recognizing that you belong.

Belonging makes today a good day.  Focus on belonging.  Focus on making other people feel that they belong.  Focus on making today a good day.