Monday, February 20, 2012

Rituals help.

Finding things that make you happy isn't always easy. And when being happy is hard for you, it's even harder to spread the joy around to other people and help make today a good day for them.

Rituals can make the process easier. 

Find something that makes a day better and do it everyday. Your ritual can be something you do, or something your eat, or something you think.  It just has to be yours, it has to be repeatable, and it has to make you happy.

If you don't have a happy ritual yet make one today.  Pick something you are going to do and do it with a purpose; do it with the goal of making today better. If you have coffee in the morning or walk the dog, that could be your happiness ritual.

Nike had the right idea, "just do it".  Doing it on purpose makes it better.  It makes today better.  It helps make today a good day. 

 Photo via Plinkk via Flickr Creative Commons