Friday, May 20, 2011

A Good Day Emergency kit

There are days that seem to be on track.  Life is all rainbows and unicorns. Then, one thing after another causes it to spiral towards a bad day; storm clouds and trolls.  Finding the good things in life isn't coming as easy as usual and it seems that nothing can be done.

Right then is when a "Good Day emergency kit" comes in handy.  A Good Day emergency kit might be a list of "standards" that always make you feel better but more than that, it's an exercise in finding good things to make a failing day better.

The basic rule of the Good Day emergency kit is to have enough variety of good things that when one of them isn't there (because it's part of the failing day) something else is there to lift it up.

For example, if your spouse is the most wonderful thing in the world and that spouse is part of the trend toward a bad day it's going to be harder to use them.  If the birth of your children is something you rely on to make each day better and they are sick, or screaming at you, or have run off with a clown . . . perhaps you need something else.  Something like your spouse.

Conversely, things are worse for other people elsewhere.  Being thankful that you don't have to walk for miles to get food or water; that you have a house, and bed, and food can be in your kit to remind you that today is a good day.

Now is a good time to build your kit. Stock it with variety of good things that you can go to when things get rough.  Stock it with enough good things that there will always be something to remind that the world is not ending . .and that today is a good day.

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