Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Mondays aren't all bad all the time.

Many people dread Monday.  Maybe they miss the freedom of the weekend or the drudgery of their work is overwhelming.  Perhaps they don't get to spend as much time with family as they'd like.

Some people even start dreading Mondays on Sunday.  They "pre-order" dread or borrow worry from the future.

For some people, those who don't like what they are doing, Mondays really are something to dread.  Perhaps it's the job they took to just pay the bills while they go to school.  Or maybe they were out of work and took something; anything, to feed their kids.

There are other people though, that, in the same situation, make the best of it and make it better.  They improve their day because they invest goodness into it.  It may be that they "may as well make the best of it" or it may be that they have a calling.

Remember though, Mondays are just different from the weekends; not better or worse; different . . and they don't need to be dreaded.

If you are predisposed to dread Mondays, take a minute to think of your worst Monday for the last year.  Barring catastrophe, did they end up being so very terrible? Was more that 50% of the day so bad that it spoiled the whole day?  Was it worth feeding into the dread?

What if you spent that same amount of dread energy looking at the good things about Monday? What if you spent some energy making Monday better for yourself and the people around you?

I'll bet you'd make today a good day.

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