Thursday, July 14, 2011

Reach out and touch someone

Sometimes the best part of our day may be making someone else's day better.

There is a tradition in my family of racing to the mailbox to see what new and magic thing has arrived. "What's in that box for me?" "Will there be a package?" "A letter?" "A pony?!?!"

Typically these days, it's bills or junk. The sense of potential is still present though. It's there because every once in a while the letter from an old friend or family member is in that magic box.

A phone call can do the same thing. There is magic in hearing the voice of a long-lost friend or a "just because I love you" call form a family member.

Today is a good day to write a letter to an old friend. Perhaps just a postcard if a letter is too big a commitment? Maybe a phone call or (sigh) even an email if that's all you can do.

Taking a little time to show someone you care lifts them up. It makes them feel special. It can also lift you up and confirm what was already known; you *are* special.

You can make today a good day.

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