Thursday, August 4, 2011

Good deeds are not just for Boy Scouts and Superman

Making today a good day is not just about noticing what makes a good day.  It's also about doing to *make* today a good day.  Doing something for others is a sure way of making today a good day.

Have you ever had a secret admirer? Have you ever had a secret love?  Have you ever participated in a secret Santa exchange?  Have you ever left hints to find a prize?
There is something powerful and joyful and exciting and rewarding in doing something good in secret.  The anticipation of how the recipient will react can be a thrill.  You imagine smiles and laughter or perhaps just surprised satisfaction when the secret is revealed.

Combining the doing of a "good deed" with a secret that can not be known can make a day a good one.

Do something nice for someone today.  Do something big or small.  Do something and never tell a single soul that it was you that did it.

I'll bet your day will be a better one  . . and so will theirs.

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