Monday, February 27, 2012

Special needs

Last week, a very special girl got a very special gift from some very special ladies.  Take a moment and go read her story and then come back here.  I'll wait.

Back?  Good.

Parents of special needs children are amazing people.  The amount of love and energy they expend is awe inspiring.  I can only hope that I could do what they do; day in and day out.

The thing though, is that we all have special needs.  We all have our special needs and we all know someone that have theirs.

Today is a good day for thinking about your own needs are and letting someone know.  Giving them enough knowledge to lift you up when you need it.
Even more though, today is a good day for finding out the special need of someone you know, or even a "consequential stranger" like the cashier or teacher,and fill that need.

For extra karma, or blessings or what-have-you, find a friend that has a real special needs child and find some way to do a kindness. Everyone wins again.  Make today a special day.

Virginia Saussy/ Muses

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