Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Are you looking?

Good days and happiness are everywhere around you.  They are not, however, going to spring out of a cake when you most need them to (most of the time).

Good days and happiness need to be coaxed out sometimes.  They need to be hunted like some wascally wabbit.

So, ask yourself, "How am I looking for happiness?"
Ask yourself, "Where am I looking for happiness?"

I'm not going to tell you that making or having a good day is inside you.  It won't always be there.  Further, it may not be with your family or with your friends either.

Your happiness may be in some random act of a stranger or it may be on a walk in the park.  It may be on a billboard or on a web page.

But if you aren't looking for happiness I guarantee that you will not find it.

If you are trying to lose weight and you are looking in the all-you-can eat buffet and not at the gym . . you are not going to lose the weight.
If you are looking to cut back on drinking, the beer aisle at the grocery isn't going to be the place to be.

Look for happiness if you want to be happy.

Look for good days to have good days.

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