Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Holding on.

Take a moment and think of the last argument or fight that you had with you spouse or sibling or child or friend.  Think about how it started . . and how it progressed  . . . . and how it ended.

Did you hold on to it after it was over?  Did it color what you did with that person for the next hour . . or day . . or week?  Is it still affecting you?

Now let's go the other direction.

Take a moment and think of something that you did with a friend or spouse or parent or child.  Try to find something that was equally as powerful as the argument above.  Do you have it in you mind?  Are you smiling?

How long did those feelings last after the event was over?

Sadly, I'll bet not as long.

People seem to value anger and hurt more than happiness if we look at how they act.  And, while anger and hurt have value, they aren't more valuable.  The longer you hold on to them the less worth they have too.

Today is a good to to remember that good thoughts and happiness are worth holding on to.  The longer you hold on to them the better off you are and the people around you are.  Further, if you are holding on to hurt and anger and unhappiness today is a good time to ask yourself if they still have value to you or if they are stopping you from making today a good day.

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