Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Practice makes perfect (or at least better)

Very few people are good at things the first time.  Most people need repetition and refinement to become good at anything.

The same is true for making days that don't seem so good . . . good days.

A key to becoming good at anything is to practice.

When I started making/recognizing good days, it wasn't as easy as it is now.  I had to work to notice all the good things that made up my life.  From the people I interacted with and how I interacted with them, to the things that made my life comfortable (like water, and shelter, and food), to the place I lived I needed to pay more attention.

The same things one day were often the same things as the day before but new things came to mind none-the-less.  Sometimes those things were more common (like my children's laughter) and sometimes they were esoteric ("How amazing it is that we humans can think! How does that even work?") but new things were always popping up.  They popped up because I was always looking. 
When asked how my day is, I do an inventory of good things that day.  As I did almost anything throughout my day I also asked myself what made it part of my good day.  

Over the years, it has become a part of who I am.  I practiced.

Look actively
Look often
Look regularly
Look harder
Look deeper


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