Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Starting - Even if imperfectly

Starting can be hard.

Waking up is hard for some people.
For others, writing that first sentence takes significant effort.
Taking that leap into a relationship . . . that can be torturous.

I think that for many people, the starting is the hardest part.  Making or recognizing that today is a good day can be the same; starting is hard.

Starting something can be scary.  You never know how it's going to end or even if it will finish.  You might not know where things are going to end up once you start.  You may upset your life or a person that matters to you.  There is a lot going on when something is started.

There are a few things to remember as you start something:
You can start small.  You can ease into whatever you are starting in little steps that are not overwhelming,  You can test the waters and make sure things are OK as you go.  You can ask for help and feedback.
Just start.

You can re-do or edit.  Most of the time, the starting is not the same as the ending; you have time to undo what you did, or do it over, or cover it up, or in some way make better any mistakes you made.  Don't become so hung up on making just right that you forget that it might be good enough for now any you can improve on it later.
Just start.

So don't worry about starting and just start.  It's OK if it's imperfect.  It's ok if it's junk.
Once the starting is started the rest can happen.  It will play out however it will . .  but at least it's started.

Starting to make today a good day or starting to recognize that it is a good day can be difficult. If you can start seeing something good about the day then, like any other thing, the rest can happen.
Just start.

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